Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 5: 

Today, we woke up at a well-deserved late time. We split into two groups. The first group proceeded to a little woman, Ruth. The other group proceeded to a woman named Evelyn. A huge farm welcomed our group. There were 12 dogs, a herd of cows, two horses, a tribe of goats, 3 peacocks, a plethora of chickens, and even some turkeys. The electricity was out, so we started the service by playing with the animals and conversing with Ruth, Raina, and Daryl. Raina was talking about starting college for nursing. She was very enthusiastic about becoming a nurse, and Ruth wanted to make sure she was not going to meet a man and sacrifice her education. After talking with Ruth and playing with the animals, we proceeded to paint the ceiling. Although a few of us were a bit too vertically challenged for the task, we teamed together to paint the washroom and kitchen.

The other group repaired the back porch to a trailer where Evelyn lives. The porch was very worn and unstable so the group replaced the deck boards and installed a ramp for Evelyn to get into her house easier. She has suffered from multiple strokes, which left her disabled and in use of a wheelchair.

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  1. The pictures are great! It looks like you are having fun as well as providing a valuable service to these families. Helping others sometimes helps you more than the people you serve.