Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 1: Traveling Blues

Day 1: The Maroons Have Landed

Quote of the Day
- Mollie Gleason, on cars [we were playing four-square in a rest stop parking lot]


Okay, so we're not Orson Welles. And we're not Martians. (Most of us, at least.) But that's okay. 'Cuz we're awesome. Yeah.

So five-hour car rides are delish. Not really. Today's were fairly uneventful. (God knows midterms were a certain type of dog this week.) So we slept. And watched Beverly Hills, 90210 (maybe that was just me). And enjoyed cookies, courtesy of RoCo Habitat chaperone (? I really don't know how to assess his position within our little Habitat family) Hank's wife. We arrived at about 11 PM.

Tomorrow begins our work week. And, speaking as someone who has been here before (versus the excitingly large number of first-timers on this particular trip), y'all don't know what's coming.
We will actually not be constructing a house, but rather doing various home rehabilitation projects. What that means, exactly, is still to be determined. But whatever it is, it's sure to be an exciting challenge.

So until tomorrow, when we do work,
Andrew Dittmar & Phillip Barbolla,
RoCo Serve/Habitat bloggers. Extraordinaire.

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