Sunday, January 6, 2013

Greetings From NOLA!!

Day 1 - Travel on Travel on Travel

Greetings from New Orleans, Louisiana!

Habitat for Humanity's annual winter break expedition to the Big Easy began bright and early at 4:30 this morning. A group of more than 30 students and adults gathered in the Chaplain's Office parking lot, set to disembark at 5 AM.

Surprisingly, we made it. (And no one was left behind.)

So began a long, long day of traveling.

As does any long day of traveling, our activities focused on the following things: self-entertainment, food, and strategically-timed bathroom break.

Food stops included breakfast and lunch at McDonalds (a Habitat rarity - we always have fast food lunches at Wendy's, not McDonalds). Self-entertainment activities included long-winded conversations about, well, nothing, taking awkward pictures of one another, a failed attempt to watch The Exorcist in one van, and, of course, napping. (Bathroom breaks are self-explanatory. :))

Fourteen hours later, we arrived, in one piece.

So now we're here at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. There are a number of other groups here, as well, from all over the country, totaling more than 250 people.

We had dinner at CiCi's Pizza (another Habitat legacy) which was worth the 45-minute drive from the church (maybe).

Tomorrow begins our first full day in this grand city, which is set to include sightseeing and more food (hopefully at actual NOLA-based establishments... we didn't come to New Orleans to not have beignets.)

Our construction is set to begin Tuesday.

Oh, and pictures will follow once everyone syncs their iPhones! Look for that tomorrow!!

Until the hammers knock us out,
Mollie Gleason and Andrew Dittmar
RoCo Serve staff

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